Summertime….and the livin’ is easy…fish are jumpin’…and the living is high

Ok, so it’s not summertime.  And the livin’ ain’t easy.  It’s wintertime and the living is hard.

That said, I’m looking at what I’m going to plant when it’s nicer out.  We’ve got approximatley 30 feet of frontage on the house that’s ugly.  It’s got overgrown evergreens on it….this, on an italiante victorian house c. 1860 does not work.  We’ve got a plan.  Kinda like the Cylons.  We’re planning on putting in edible landscaping.  (I love things that are edible…)

Here’s what we’re going to do;

In the front of the house, the un-appetizing evergreens are being replaced by Honeyberry. 

On the side, we’re putting in Low bush blueberry- should be able to survive our -30+ winters.  In the herb garden, we’re cutting down the ugly evergreens and putting in high bush cranberry. 

Along the backside, we’re putting in grape, specialized to zone 4+.   As this will go in along the new (as yet to be installed) chainlink fence, I’ll have to wait on pictures.   This chain link will also become the new home base for the peas and runner beans.  I’m hopeful that these will give us enough to freeze for the winter. – 75-100 feet of peas & beans. 

Have you all read about the British village of Todmorden.  I just love the basis…

I’ve started an intiatve where I live to be a sister city.  I enjoy edible landscaping.  I want things to be avalible free of charge, should they grow here.  Potato towers?  Sure!!! Berry bushes on public throughfares?  No problems. 

Asparagus on the interstate? Groovy.   Cherry trees on Cherry Street?  Sounds like jam to me!!!

Push this initiative where you live… edible should be everywhere.

Tell me what you think!

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