We’ve always had a pantry.  One of my earliest memories is of being asked to retireve things out of my grandmother’s very drafty, cold pantry that butted up against what had been, at one time, the carriage barn.  My mom’s pantry was and is under the cellar stairs.  Mine, at our last house, was a single shelving unit in the basement.  

In the new house, however, I’m in pantry heaven.  I have a cold room in the basement. It even has a root veg storage bin.

Hi, I’m Ann and I love to shop in my basement!  I have 4 children and a husband, 4 of whom I freqently ask to retrieve things from the basement.  (The baby’s just too little yet…)   We live in Vermont.

Why are you, Ann, so excited about this you ask?  Well… A couple of years ago I went wheat free as an experiment to see if it helped with my myo-fascial pain syndrome.  Ye-gods, it did!  But, there was not a lot of gluten free food that was easily accessible where we used to live, in the south east part of the state.  What was I to do but start canning again!

We canned every year growing up.  We froze things.  Then, we got to go swimming at the end of the day (it was the carrot my mom used).  I recall hating it at the time, but doing it (in large part for all of the yummy fruit!), even the corn.   Now that I have children, I can inflict this suffering on them and have us all come out healthier for it.  I can control what goes into my jars, and my jars have no BPA in them – no extra high fructose corn syrup, extra salt, or ingredients I can’t pronounce and don’t know what they are.  So I started canning again. 

Re-enter the basement.  Last year my pantry grew from a few jars of jam to jam, tomatoes and herbs.  Then I got pregnant again and we moved.  A whole room in the basement for food – ORGANIZED!?!  And nesting at the end of pregnancy?  Holy canning frenzy batman! 

At the end of the winter, we had canned beans, lemonade concentrate, lemon curds, more citrus jams, and stocks of several varieties.  I finally admited it.  I’m addicted to canning. 

Then, it was spring and time to start the gardening.  Imagine my joy when I thought of the bigger yard and all of the things I could grow and can!  I’ve gone a bit crazy with the plants.  But hey, we’ve got all of this space what ever else would we use it for?  😉

Tell me what you think!

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