Spiral Ham glaze

Yesterday, as we were cooking the Christmas ham, I took one look at the bag of corn syrup that came with and said YUCK!  Then, I sat down and looked at a whole bunch of glazes, most of which did nothing for me.  So, I took a little bit of this, an idea there, looked in the fridge to figure out what exactly we had, and came up with this little gem:

1 Tbsp dried thyme

1Tbsp of ginger, either fresh or tube

3 Tbsp Major Grey Chutney

1/3 cup Dark Rum (I used the cheapest bottle I had on hand, which I think cost all of $4.99) or Brandy

1/2 cup Molasses

1 Tbsp Dijon Mustard

Stir that all up with a small whisk.  Then, baste your ham with it.  I probably basted 5 ish times?  Certainly until all of the liquid was gone.  It’s smokey, slightly spicy, smells divine, and made our ham better than it already was.

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