I love garlic.  Every meal should start with an onion/garlic fry, or a raw mash of straight garlic, in my opinion.  There is very little that I love, dinner-wise, which does not.  So, in pursuit of that, I’ve been growing garlic for several years now.  I started with grocery store garlic, in a shade garden.  These did o.k., but not great.  Then I got some Porcelain Music garlic from the local garden store ( for all you non-Vermonters) and my mom was given some garlic for me.  It was either hot Hungarian or hot Polish garlic.  I lean towards the Polish…I can’t honestly remember – my kids lost the card with the name on it.  Either way, I’ve been growing it since.

The grocery store garlic is the stuff that keeps on giving – I can’t get it out or it dies before I see it and it goes on to the next year.   That garlic is still being as prolific as the year I put it in.

The other two, though…I’ve made a real effort to dig and re-sow every year, and last year and this got incredible harvests.  See for yourself.  In each picture, I’m touching the stems.

The Music – each clove is at least golf ball sized and many are bigger.


The Polish – cloves are not bigger than golf balls, but also not smaller than.


Garlic is so dead easy to grow I don’t know why more folks don’t.  You drop it in the ground in the fall and wait for it to come up, then begin to die back the next year.  Pull it up.  Dry.  I do this by the wholy technological expedient of putting it on the porch and letting the sun dry the tips, then flipping them end to end so the rain can wash off the cloves.  Then I tie them by type, label and hang in the basement.  4-5 hours total work time for a year’s worth of garlic.  Dead easy.  When you consider the fact that most garlic sold in the US is grown in China and much of it in human waste, why wouldn’t you grow garlic?

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