Onions and Potatos! And oh, my SI joint!

Well, we finally got the load of goat manure that has been in the trailer for 2 weeks finished.  Beard Ladies Goat Farm has been wonderful in giving away manure these last few years.  Composted (ok, mostly) and everything!  The onion and potato beds are mulched and manured, and Squashland (TM) has been partially manured.  We also, with the help of 4 kiddos, got the onions and potatoes into the ground!  Hooray!  (I got a blister that ripped open on my palm due to all the digging…boo…) Eldest son took all of the large rocks that I’ve been stacking at the end of the driveway and bordered the sprawly front bed, which youngest son has spent the last few years taking apart.  It looks a lot better with the rocks, don’tcha think?


Mulch will help too.  I’ve got to call my favorite tree cutting service and ask them to stop by with a dump truck load of chips.  Free and it will eventually become beautiful mulch!

Last night, as I was bemoaning how much my (evil, horrible, terrible, miserable, never-endingly painful) hips hurt after an hour or so of weeding, das husband took me over to Tractor Supply yesterday and bought me a garden cart, so my hips won’t ache/burn/be my evil enemy any more. (Ok, well, as much as possible…)  He even put it together!20160429_182514

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1 Response to Onions and Potatos! And oh, my SI joint!

  1. Anita says:

    That’s a nice early Mother’s Day gift you got.

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