Spring clean-up

Slowly, as the days get warmer, more things are getting done here.  We’ve dumped mulch on the onion bed and manure on the potato/pepper bed.  There’s still a 1/2 trailer load of manure to get spread into the squash patch, but I expect that will get done tomorrow, whilst I’ve got strong young minions.  (Hehe – then I’ll go and get more!!!)

I’ve been slowly moving thru the beds, working on getting them back to a useable, nice looking state.  Today?  We did the strawberry patch.  Last year, vetch got into it and ran wild, so youngest and I have been pulling it out.  We were able to move all of the daffodils and other early flowers out of the garden and down the street to one of the rental properties that needed a bit of cheer.

Tomorrow, in addition to finishing off the trailer of manure, I hope to have my minions help move rocks – yes,  trite, but ever so entertaining!  I’ve a pile at the back of the driveway and wish to get them up to the front, to edge the flower bed.  Right now, even bending over for an hour or so is mightily painful (darn SI joints!) so minions it will be.  They don’t like it, but both boys are getting some muscle with the work I’m having them do – not a bad thing.  It also gets eldest outside to be in the sun.  He’s a bookish kid and can usually be found reading, playing d&d or on the computer.  He’d rather do any of those than shovel goat poo, but hey, the muscle looks good on him.  He’s developing guns!

I put in the new Honeyberry bushes today – we got several plants 4ish years ago that were titled Honeyberry, but the berries are not edible.  I want to get an ID on them before pulling them.  The flowers are small & yellow – they almost look like honeysuckle, and the bush is scrawly.  The berries are red.


Got any ideas?  Can you ID this bush?  There are 6 or 8 of them and I’d like to know if I should keep or pitch.

In other news, I used a potting soil that has mycelium in it this year, and it has exceeded all expectations.  My tomatoes are, on average, 6+ inches tall (and we started them in the beginning of March), and we had 90% of the seeds germinate.  Compared to most years, this is awesome!!!  (Sorry for the bad lighting – I couldn’t get away from the glare!)



The last?  The garlic is hugely happy.  It is jumping up all over.  Here it is along the entry to the house.  I’ve a feeling there will be a bumper crop this year!20160429_162957

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