It’s been a while, WordPress!

I’ve been busy, and thus neglected this blog.  In 2014, we became the property managers for 34 rental units in our town and surrounding area.  Many of them have required extensive renovation to come up to speed with our standards, and I’ve been the project manager on all of it.  This has severely crimped my time spent thinking about gardening and canning. To top it all off, I had a SLAP repair and a tendonitis on my left shoulder in early December – it’s really good when all of your parts are connected and work….  Then, in the middle of January, I slipped on the ice and dislocated my knee cap by about 2 inches.  Unknown to me at the time, I also tore the ligament that goes under the knee cap and chipped a bunch of bone in the joint.  3 months later, an ambulance ride, an ER visit, lots of Physical Therapy, a surgery, a full leg brace, more Physical Therapy, and I’m starting t0 finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.  On the other hand, this injury was caused by, and made worse, another issue I have; a bad SI joint.  It’s been there for 20 years, and I’d been told that “there was nothing wrong with me” and “It’s all in your head”, but not sleeping because the damn thing wakes you up every few hours and keeps you awake is just sucktastic.  When I met the Orthopedic Dr., he said I was a perfect example of what happens to women when you have this issue.  Ok, a rant on healthcare professionals listening to women about their pain is not where I want this post to go, though the upshot is, they don’t.  Back to the story, I was unable to recover from the fall in January because my SI gave out.  Surgery was an option, and I’d been exploring a fusion before the knee injury happened, but the insurance terms anything to do with the SI joint “Experimental”, and thus denies the approval.  We are currently at appeal #2, a letter begging them to make it better, and a hearing on the denial of the ambulance ride.  Sigh, thus goes the life of people who’s insurance changes without them being told.

Here’s a picture of some of my lovely BDSM gear.  It really, really, really hurt my hip.   (This is post fall , but pre-knee surgery.) The other, full leg gear is the featured picture – (Sorry about the blurry, I was moving all over the place in my lovely, soft, t shirt, sweats, fuzzy socks, and Birkenstocks.


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