Where for art thou, oh my potato brush?

Potato brushes.  Everyone’s seen them and they’re in every grocery store in the continental US and Canada, right?

Sigh.  So I thought too.  But the lowly potato brush is nowhere to be found.  No grocery store in town has them.  Nor the hardware stores.  Nor the drug store…yes, I did look in my quest.  It makes me sad, as my best beloved, das husband, has, grumble, used mine in a way not intentioned by the manufacturers, and flattened most of the exterior bristles.  (This, IRL, is where I grimace, frown and scowl.)  He seems to have been in the one percent who had never seen a potato brush.  I know not how I will easily scrub the potatoes that I’ve grown without one.  I am wroth, cross and irritated that these once, ridiculously common brushes are no where to be found.

About catfeet1

Mom, canner, reader, sci-fi geek, she who loves car seats
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