The last 6 months

I’m sorry for leaving this blog alone for such a long time, but my life intervened.  As previously mentioned, I quit my job, but am staying on per-diem.  We’re also hiring for a new car seat person at the large medical institution I work for, and I’m part of the interview team.  In addition, when I came home at the end of June, we had a desperate need to organize the barn my husband runs his business out of.  We’d dropped our lives in there 3 years ago when we moved, and it hasn’t really been cleaned out/picked up/organized since.  We’re working on it.

As we were in the middle of that project, we were also packing for our big event, Pennsic.  Then the following things happened.

  • MIL got a herniated disc and needed to spend time in the hospital.  She then spent a month in rehab.  We just got her back last weekend.
  • On the way to the event, my car top carrier flew off, at speed, on the NYS thruway.
  • On the way to the event, one of the tires on das husband’s car nearly fell off.
  • At the event, they mis-measured our space and put us on the surface of the sun (aka, a space that’s got no shade – a canvas tent in August, in western PA is H.O.T, when there’s no shade)
  • The garage nearly didn’t get the car back to us to leave the event.  Lots of drama there.

In other, more family stuff, we’ve been dealing with Hair Drama.  The amount of Hair Drama that a 7 year old girl, who insists she wants a short haircut and then half way thru the cut decides she doesn’t, is considerable.

We’ve also put a new roof on the turret of our house, a new chimney, to fix the falling down one, are working on a bathroom remodel, getting a new boiler and hot water system, and oh, das husband has spent a LOT of money on the family trusts acquisition of property.

So, if you’ve lasted this long, I’m sure you’ll forgive me for not having time to do cool gardeny/preping/self-sufficiency projects.  We’ll start again soon as I’m starting to have just a tich more time.

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Mom, canner, reader, sci-fi geek, she who loves car seats
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