America – Great Water Wars

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water warJohn Entsminger, senior deputy general manager of the Southern Nevada Water Authority said “that in 2000, Lake Mead was completely full, but the [13-year-long] drought we’ve seen in the 21st century has resulted in Lake Mead going down over 120 feet.”
Federal regulators announce the historic reduction of the amount of water released from Utah’s Lake Powell reservoir to Mead. This reduction will lower the reservoir’s (lake Mead) level another 20 feet by July 2014.

Enstminger said “the arid situation actually may not be unusual for the West. We know from the paleo-tree ring record that the 20th century was one of the wettest centuries of the last 1,200 years.”

California’s San Joaquin valley and Sacramento valley and former desert lands near Yuma Arizona, is Americas vegetable basket producing an estimated 80 percent of all vegetables consumed by Americans. The real truth is without water being diverted from mountain snow…

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