October 2013 update

Well, as it turns out, I am still gainfully employed, at least for another year. Yay! The word came down with only 10 days to spare that money was found for the position. They like me and find the work I’m doing valuable. That makes me happy! 🙂

Das husband has been on a roll, adding new listings to his ebay presence and taking lots of pictures of the new stuff he’s making. He’s doing extraordinarily well at his business!

Over the summer, we purchased a vent-less gas fireplace on Craigslist. It was like new and really cheap – it was a good deal. Two weeks ago, our friend Butch installed it – he’s a certified gas guy, and I sit here typing with the flames cheerfully flickering. It’s really, really nice to have a space heater with this amount of output, plus it’s pretty and gives us a backup heat source if the power happens to go out.

Last week, I purchased a wood stove, one of the two models I was specifically looking for,  a Hearthstone Starlet, again on Craigslist, for $250. The last stove of this model that I saw went for $1000, so I’m thinking I got a screaming deal. We need to rebuild and line the chimney before using it, but hey, that’s doable! I’d much rather spend $250 than $2500, which is what this stove goes for new.

My parents picked it up for me on their way here for September birthdays and a week of help. My dad said, and I quote “That stove you asked us to pick up was on top of a frickin’ MOUNTAIN! We stopped at a stop sign and were nearly vertical!!!”  When I asked them if they’d be willing to pick it up for us, my dad offered us his wood stove, which is 30 years old, but is a very nice and well kept Dutchwest.  This stove will be arriving at the end of the month, and it’s free.  So, for the price of one, I got two!  It’ll go into the barn so that das husband can have some heat out there and not freeze all winter long.

They came for help, because, after 20 years of pain, I finally got a doctor who was able to diagnose and fix my shoulder. Yes, you read that right – I was in a car crash 20 years ago and have had shoulder problems ever since, but no doc has been able to figure out why. They’ve all said “there’s nothing wrong”. Well, they were the ones who were wrong. I’ve had a torn biceps tendon all this time, and it’s been miserable. So I got it fixed!!! I looked forward to this for 3 months, and had it done about 10 days ago. I’ve 3-4 weeks at home to recover, but I’m doing great. I have my first PT appointment today to get more range of motion in the arm. YAY!!!

In other news, we’ve had friends staying with us. In the beginning of September, we got a call from our friends Butch & Heidi, asking if they could stay with us for a while they were looking for housing up here – they’ve moved out of where we all used to live due to lack of jobs. So they’ve been here with us, right up until the surgery, whereupon we loaned them our travel trailer to stay in. But, while here, they’ve been really, really helpful in getting some of the bigger things that have been put off, done! Most pertinently, Butch “trimmed” the bushes on our property line. They are more like trees, they’ve been so overgrown. And, unfortunatley, the neighbors love them. So we asked if we could “trim” them. Well, Butch did – we went whole hog and trimmed back to the trunk. In doing so, we gained about 5 feet of yard space. That space is currently my bulb bed, but it’s going to turn into my bulb, herbal and medicial flower bed. The Jerusalem Artichokes arrived this morning, plus I’ve got poppy, feverfew and hyssop and wintergreen to put in there. It’s going to be a beautiful, re-seeding, natural bed that doesn’t need a lot of weeding. I’m really excited about it – I’ve been trying to put in the artichokes since last fall, but just missed the planting/shipping season. It was a real bummer. But this time next year, this bed will be gorgeous!
2013-10-10 10.36.45

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  1. Na Na says:

    Glad you are finally getting relief.

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