How to not be sick!

About a month ago, the kids all brought a cough home from school.  Das husband came down with pneumonia and I frantically scrambled to cover.  (Ok, really, I only took a day off of work, but the drama it brought down at work was pretty…recurring.  I heard about it even today!)  Then, I came down with a fever about 3 sundays ago and stayed in bed.  For the next 6 days.  Fever, chills, coughing, nasal issues…you name it I had it.  Yes, I got the nice pneumonia too.  Excepting it took 2 or 3 more days to get me the nice antibiotics, because I don’t rattle in the lungs when I get them like das husband does. But, when I did get them, I was fever free 3 hours later. What a nice feeling! But still, a week and a half of the most beautiful days this spring…in bed.  As I got better, the clouds came and then it rained.  For a week!  It’s just, in the last few days, started to get nice again.  Don’t get the creeping crud.  It really sucks.  This was the sickest I’ve ever been in my life.  And that’s saying something – I had scarlet fever as a kid!

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