My goodness it’s hot here!

Normally, I don’t bother putting in my garden until the end of May, because we’ve been known to have snow on those first two weekends in June, if not a hard freeze.  This year, however, it’s been in the 70’s and 80’s for 3 weeks now.  I’ve been busily putting the garden in and watching the permaculture we put in last or the year before come up.  So far this year, we’ve a new pear tree, a new apple tree, an onion and leek bed, 2 potato beds and the main garden, including tomatoes and peppers.  I’ve NEVER put those last two in before the end of May.  Climate change, here we are!  Along with this, though, it’s been obscenely dry.  So dry, that instead of running the hose to water the garden, I’ve been using the pool water – there is a full in ground pool here that we’ve never used, and the previous owners didn’t use for a couple of years before we purchased.  To say that the water is “ick” is an understatement.  It is, however, great fertilizer!  So, with the help of a sump pump and a large number of hoses strung together, I’ve been watering all of the new stuff and the main garden.  It doesn’t really have a lot of water pressure, but it does pump regularly and we’ve got the water…why send it down the sewer?  My garden is happier for the drink. 

In addition to all of this, I’m still guest blogging…  🙂


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