Garden planning

Here I sit, in Zone 4 on the Canadian border, jealous of all of you who now have planting weather.  It’s still catalog time here and I’ve just today placed my seed/tuber orders for April, when planting time will come.  I can’t even begin my long start seedlings for another two weeks.  Reading all of the wonderful “Start your seeds now!” and “I’ve put things in the ground” posts is enough to be nicely frustrating!  😉

Nevertheless, planning the garden out this year is entertaining and I have a promise of help from my spouse this year.  (He’s normally shy of the sun, being one of the palest men I’ve ever met and does not tan – he simply burns instead.)  I’m also planning on the “patch” theory of gardening.  Put a monoculture into a single spot and watch it thrive by killing off all the weeds?  My kind of gardening!  A few years ago, I put in some strawberries and they did this last year – they started putting out so many feelers I transplanted some to another area that could really use ’em.  So we’ll have strawberries, but I also want to put in a potato patch, an asparagus patch, a Jerusalem artichoke patch, and several herb/herby veg patches…(I’ve been working on onions and garlic and leeks for the last year or two.)  Stands of certain edibles appeal to me.

We’ll also be putting in a standard garden.  🙂  It’s two weeks to planting starts.

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