This is again, another excellent post on food waste in the US. (Plus, who could resist that strawberry? I personally like the freaky-deaky veg shapes! )

Town & Country Gardening

40 percent or more of Americas Fresh Fruit and Vegetables are never harvested and rot in the fields and orchards. Why is this? It’s caused by You, the American consumer.

American consumers refuse to purchase fruits or vegetables with a blemish of any kind. You will not purchase under size, over size or odd shaped fruits or vegetables. It does not matter to you that their is nothing wrong with this fruit or vegetable, it has the same food value. On top of that it is generally cut up into bite or serving sizes and the blemish or mis-shaped produce can no longer be seen.

Americans are some of the most food wasteful people on earth. Up to 50 percent of the food Americans buy is sent to the garbage dump (land fill), mostly because it is beyond it’s best used by date. Frozen foods retains it’s nutrition and…

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