How to make Salt Pototoes

Salt potatoes are one of those regional food that you eat and then go “hmm… that WAS one of the better things I’ve ever ate!”

I was fortunate to grow up with them.  I come from a long line of potato farmers.  My grandfather and grandmother grew potatoes for the war effort in WW2.  They had a railroad spur come onto their land in order to load the cars up with the taters.

So, when I say to you that Salt Potatoes are one of my very favorite foods, I mean it with feeling and history.

They’re stupidly easy in their simplicity.

You take a bunch of potatoes.  You don’t want the big ones.  Those are saleable.  What you want are all of the tiny waste potatoes that the potato fork doesn’t bring up out of the ground.  If, like me, you had taters this year that died in the July/August drought, dig up where you planted them and you’ll find a bunch of tiny little potatoes.  These are perfect for salt potatoes.  They’re a frugal kind of food…

So, you take the taters and clean them off.  Then, you boil enough water to cover them.  You want to add at least 3/4 a cup of salt per pound of taters. 

White potatoes have thinner skins and will absorb more salt, so they are preferable, though tonight, I made them with little pink taters which were wonderful!

Boil until the potatoes float in the salt water – 15-20 minutes. 

Then, drain.  If you put enough salt in, they should have a crust of salt on the outside of the potato.


In a seperate pot or the microwave, melt a stick of butter.  This is for dipping your nummy new salt potoates in.  Dip. Eat.  You’ll be sold!


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  1. Teenie Drumm says:

    these sound great’, I will definitely try ‘them, thsnks

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