Identity Theft

On Tuesday, I sat down to do our taxes.  I began to hook up all of our accounts to my new version of Quicken and discovered a discrepency in one of the credit accounts; 6 charges to the theater in Dubai!

Now, as I’ve never been to Dubai and haven’t even been out of the country in 8 years, this was impossible.  I immediately called that creditor and had them fix the probem.  Issue solved, right?

On Wednesday, I got a call from a JCPenney in Temecula California, which wanted to alert me that someone was trying to purchase things with a temporary card, on my account.  They went on to tell me that this person had enough information on me, including my SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER!!! to gain access to the online, automated access system.  JCPenney wanted to get him.  Unfortunatley, this also means that this person now potentially has access to every single account I own.  Faceless, victimless crimes?

My shiny tush.  This is a very personal crime.  This is an invasion of privacy and direct theft from me and my family.  I’ve had to file a police report.  I had to spend an hour at the bank, with the bank manager, filing a fraud alert.  We’ve had to call every single credit reporting agency to file fraud alerts.  The FTC website was very comprehensive on what to do…

In addition, every single credit card that had my social security number associated with it has either been re-issued  or …

So, after all of this running around (instead of doing the taxes like I really wanted to do – yes, I did really want them done!)  What did I get?  Cut up credit cards, fraud alerts and a police report.  I decided then, it was time for this.

And some solid killing of things playing Halo 2.  It’s been a summer for the need to get aggressions out, so I’ve started playing video games again.  Sigh.

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1 Response to Identity Theft

  1. Na Na says:

    I know exactly how you feel. It’s happened to me more than once. Left me with a sick kind of feeling that makes one wonder what the world is coming to. It’s really scary and quite spooky when you find out how much they know about you. I wanted to run away, find a cave to live in, about a zillion miles from everyone, and become a hermit.

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