How to can peaches

Get the peaches.  I use seconds for a lot of my canning – if you are canning, it doesn’t matter that the fruit isn’t perfect.   Peaches, at the place I bought from, were running $3.75/pound.  The seconds?  .75 cents/pound.  This means that 50 lbs of peaches is NOT $188 dollars, but more like $39.  My kinda price.

Here’s how you do it.  With seconds, you need to move fast.  Same day or at latest, the very next day.  I bought mine coming home from my sister’s baby shower, so I was not ready to do them same day.  I did them the next morning.

  • Blanch your peaches.  1-3 minutes.
  • Cool your peaches.
  • Trim and skin your peaches.
  • Cut your peaches up and drop ‘em into a large bowl.

  Aren’t they pretty?

  • Drain the bowl.

Now, I cold packed mine.  You can also hot pack them, but it was more work that I wanted to do.  Cold packing was easier!

To cold pack:

  • ¼ tsp. of Ascorbic acid in each pint jar, ½ tsp. in each quart.
  • Fill to the shoulder with peaches.  (The shoulder is where the jar starts to slope and become the neck, with the rings on it.)
  • Then, make up a syrup.  I like less sugar in something so sweet, so I used a 10% solution – 1 cup sugar to 10 cups water.  Easy to remember too!
  • Fill the jars to the shoulder with the syrup.  Most jars won’t take anywhere near a cup, even the quarts; the peach juice fills them up.

  • Water can for 25 minutes for pints and 30 minutes for quarts.

  • Make sure your jars seal.

You now have peaches to do lots of things with.  Peach pie for Christmas anyone?

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3 Responses to How to can peaches

  1. Na Na says:

    Are you using the tattler lids? Do you have any trouble getting them to seal? I’ve had trouble getting mine to seal properly. Or maybe I’m not doing them right. I check the seal after canning and cooling. I can lift the lids with a slight push with a finger. I think the lids should be tight enough that I need the lifter to open them. But that’s not how they turn out.

    • catfeet1 says:

      Yes, I’m using Tattler lids. They seem to have a slightly lower seal percentage than the Ball lids. The way I’ve found to get the best seal is to tighten all the way I can (given arthritis), back it off 1/4 turn, can, then tighten as soon as it comes out of the water bath. This is also as per the instructions. If it’s a pressure can, it’s more likely to seal.

      • Na Na says:

        Thank you. I’ll keep trying until I learn to get a better seal. I wish I had a pressure canner but it’s not in my immediate future.

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