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How to make Salt Pototoes

Salt potatoes are one of those regional food that you eat and then go “hmm… that WAS one of the better things I’ve ever ate!” I was fortunate to grow up with them.  I come from a long line of … Continue reading

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How to can crushed tomatoes

I didn’t think I was going to can tomatoes this year.  I *thought* I had enough to last, but when I went down cellar to move some things around, I did a count and discovered that I only had 18 … Continue reading

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Identity Theft

On Tuesday, I sat down to do our taxes.  I began to hook up all of our accounts to my new version of Quicken and discovered a discrepency in one of the credit accounts; 6 charges to the theater in … Continue reading

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Reusing and Recycling Child Car Seats

Originally posted on Fletcher Allen – Health Care Blog:
Fletcher Allen is launching the first initiative in Vermont to recycle old child car seats into items such as detergent bottles, culverts and other non-clear plastics. Fletcher Allen, in partnership with…

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How to can peaches

Get the peaches.  I use seconds for a lot of my canning – if you are canning, it doesn’t matter that the fruit isn’t perfect.   Peaches, at the place I bought from, were running $3.75/pound.  The seconds?  .75 cents/pound.  This … Continue reading

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Cookbooks and recipes

How do I get the recipes and processes I use in all of my canning? Well, let me tell you…I cheat. I use older cookbooks.  Those are the absolute best.  If it’s from the 20’s on to about the 80’s, … Continue reading

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