How to dry sweet corn

So, as part of my canning marathon yesterday, I dried corn. 

What the heck?  You ask?  Why dry corn?  It does SO well in the freezer!


Let me tell you.  I saw a dried corn recipe recently and decided to try it.  The author said that it was nummy, nutty and a guilt free snack!  I’ve decided that this was correct.  So, what I did was to basically follow the same process I did for frozen creamed corn, with a couple of exceptions.  Here we go:

  • Shuck the corn (no biggie, you all got this…)
  • Blanch the corn – 6 minutes this time!

  • Cut the corn off the cob – do it once, not repreatedly.  My handy-dandy corn cutter zipped the corn off the cob like no-body’s business, but I did have to resist the urge to get what little was left on the cob!
  • Dehydrate…ooo…my new toy!

So, on the return from Pennsic, I stopped by and picked up a dehydrator I’d located on Cragislist.  It’s an Excalibur 9 tray model and it has the fruit roll up/jerky paper.  All 9 trays have come in VERY handy the first time I used it….All that corn, tomatoes and seeds! 

When you are done you get this:  It’s good for, well, guilt free eating, dropping into soups, and looking VERY pretty!

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