How to freeze and can corn

I’m going to preface this post by saying; freeze the stuff.  You get a much better product (and, as we all know, canning doesn’t always work!)

On Thursday this week, I called up my favorite local farmer and reserved 120+ ears of corn.  He sells by the dozen, so it’s an odd number.

Our day started out like this…she’s been cranky for the last two day! 

“Mama!  Mama!!!” cried at a mommy non-stop for several days really starts to wear after a while…

Here’s how to process it:

  1. Shuck the corn – all of it!

2.   Rub the left over silk off in a towel – when you shuck many ears at a time, it’s hard to be good about getting all the silk, so unless you want to eat it, rub it off!

3.   Blanch the corn – 3 minutes in the pot

4.   Cool the corn down.  This step is IMPORTANT!  It will keep on cooking unless you cool it down.  Lots of places say to put it into ice, but my freezer runs out way too fast, so I just drop it into cool water and let it cool down.  I end up draining the sink after every big batch of blanching and putting new water in.

5.   Take the corn off the cob.  Family tradition says to use a knife, but I got this handy-dandy corn taker-off-the-cob-er for my birthday (Thanks Jen, this is what I did with my Lehmans card!), and it worked like a charm, excepting for those last 20 ears.  Well, to be fair, it worked like a charm, but my spouse’s manly arms got tired…

    1. To freeze;  Scoop into quart bags (I use 1 cup per bag), bag 4 quart bags to a 2 gallon bag & drop in the freezer.  You’ll have summer in a bag in January!!!

B.   To can; again, this was a trial run, and I probably won’t do it again.  Corn absorbs water in the canning process.  A LOT of water.  I added in a reasonable amount, following the recipe for creamed corn, about 20%, and ended up with corn pieces which will prolly have to go into soup.  It smelled kinda nutty as it cooked…not sure on what the taste will be.  I think I’ll try again and freeze the rest.

It was a family affair!  Even the kids helped to shuck & scrape corn.  And the baby eventually did quiet down for some of the day.  She spent time in the baby carrier and then went outside with her sibs.   That was the best part for her, though today she’s cranky again.

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5 Responses to How to freeze and can corn

  1. roop says:

    Months ago an interesting looking gadget caught my eye at a thrift store. I had no idea what it was and thought maybe I can use it to grate something, like ice to make crushed ice cones. It did not work of course:)
    I had given up and stored it at the back of cupboard. Today I chanced upon your site via Homesteadsurvival blog and am delighted to discover that this gadget is used to take corn off the cob!
    Happy New Year!

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  3. great blog, I need one of thoes handy dandy corn things lol. just wanted to let you know that I use old nylon hose (panty hose) to take silks off it is really easy 🙂 just something for you to try.

  4. Mary says:

    When I take it out to cook, I never add water. I put it in a frying pan with a little butter and warm it through. Love that sweet summer taste!

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