Our little Sammy seems to have gone walkabout again.  While we were away at Pennsic, we had a workman here fixing the rotten wall in our bedroom.  Even with specific instructions to keep the cat inside, he left the inside doors open and the cat got out via the roofs.  Sigh.

We came home to only one kitty.  That was half a week ago.  Tonight, while telling the neighbor about our cat loss, my oldest says “CAT – MAMA, BLACK CAT!!!”  And, indeed, there was a small black kitty climbing the pine tree in the neighbor’s yard!  We walked over, 3 of us calling “kitty, kitty” with our hands out.  The cat came!  It looked like our Sammy!  Then, I picked the kitty up.  It’s a she.  But a near match, a tich smaller than our Sammy, but VERY nearly identical.  Only the size and a small patch of white on Sammy’s belly is different.  The shape and color of their eyes is identical.  Their body shape is identical.  It’s just…this kitty is well fed and still a kitten. 

We’ve called the Humane Society and reported that we found her and are missing our Sammy…


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