Oil lamps

I have been a bit oil lamp obsessed over the last year or so.  When we moved, we uncovered the two lamps I’d had, but never used.  Squee!  It makes my heart go pitty pat!

Immediately, those went onto the kitchen table and into use.  Right up until her baby-ness decided that climbing was a good thing. (She particularly likes the table…).  They’re up now, until she grows enough brain to know it’s naughty. 

Last winter, I purchased a matching set of lamps to go onto the fancy table…ooohhh!  Ahh!  MATCHING lamps!!

Then, my mother in law gave me a single globe, no mantle or chimney.  And I thought, I could get the pieces to put that back together.  Well, here it is, 10 months later, and that darn globe is still sitting on the top of my china cabinet with none of the pieces.  Sigh.  Meanwhile, my own mother gave me the one large lamp she’d had, which also needs either a repair or a new mantle.  It also needs a chimney.  And, when I went to my parent’s house recently, I saw an electrified match to the globe my mother in law had given to me, done by my grandmother.  I wish to own that one some day…(hint, hint, mom, if you’re reading this…)

In pursuit of my wish to make the lamps I own actually, y’know, work, I’ve been doing some research to see if I can get the pieces for replacing the missing or broken ones.  Unfortunatley, it’s looking like it’s going to cost approximately $30-40 per lamp to get them into working order. 

I’ve also fallen into lust with the lamp brackets – many folks now use them to hold plants and other hanging objects, but really, they’re for oil lamps…

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1 Response to Oil lamps

  1. 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

    I love lamps too. I also bought different size lanterns. I have two oil lamps. Will come to good use if the power goes out.

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