Water Storage

Das husband and I have been working at being more self sufficient and disaster prepared.  Towards the disaster prepared end of things, we have been working on (AND COMPLETED!!!) the water storage!  YAY!!!  It only took us 6 months to figure it all out….and it ended up being super simple, too.   Really, finding the time to do it was the problem. 

We took three 55 gallon drums food grade drums (do NOT use drums which previously held oil for this!) and cleaned them out, making a nice grass kill when the bleach hit it!  We then pulled one of the bungs and inserted a tap.  Then, they were taken to the basement where they now reside, on their sides, under the drain pipe (which is wasted space), on  short piles of bricks.  We took the hose, removed the top bung and filled them with the garden hose.  Each got a few drops of bleach and an old silver fork from the thrift store for more cleanliness.  (For more info go here…http://www.doulton.ca/silver.html)  We’ll pump, clean and refill these tanks once a year. 

In addition to this, we also have a ceramic water purifier which can be used to filter water from the well we found in the back yard, should the need arise.  However, this is currently the backup method. 

There are a lot of water filters on the market and they can get pricey, but we found this one, which has a lot of virtues; inexpensive, made in USA, field tested in Haiti, etc.  For something we hope never to use, this was the perfect comprimise between performance and price.

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