Post Pennsic Post…

We’ve returned from the land of the wet, sodden and moist.  Even though most of the rest of the eastern seaboard is dry as a bone, Western Pennsylvania is having tornadic thunderstorms with impressive cloud walls! 

The Pennsic Waar is an event held every year by the Society for Creative Anachronism, or people who play at the middle ages the way they *should* have been (sans the black death, leperosy, and the Spanish Inquisition).  The East Kingdom and Midrealm fight for ownership of Pittsburgh…the loser has to take it.  Anyway, we go every year to sell armor, as my spouse, he of the manly arms, owns and operates an armory.  Yep, he makes armor out of black 55 gallon drums.  A little odd you say?  Well, we’ve all got out odd points, and he really does make money at it.  Interested in more?  Visit him at

We had the really, really bad day 3 weeks ago, and as a result, spent a week packing up for the event instead of 3 days as planned.  We did get there, but our first 48 hours involved a couple of camp moves, a merchant living site complete with period pavilion that materialized, thanks to our very nice new neighbors, and then rain, rain and more rain.  Boy, did it rain.  We’re a little moist still.  The 3 youngest children and I escaped to my parents house early because I was just SO VERY done.  Between the drama with the pre Pennsic load and the unsettledness of the new site, I was emotionally drained… in part because our campsite didn’t drain water.  Usually, I come home and do the minor mountain of laundry.  Today, I’ve got a major mountain of laundry, a pile of items that need hosing off in the driveway, and dishes that need re-washing due to mud. 

Oh, and it’s looking like rain here today too…

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4 Responses to Post Pennsic Post…

  1. There wasn’t all that much rain–and none of the really bad thunderstorm+wind that brings down tents.

    Our only problem was the light rain at the end, since our tents were going either into storage or to the west coast, so needed to be packed dry. But we managed to get the last one down during an adequate dry spell, and were folding it by the time the next shower started.

    • catfeet1 says:

      Ah, but we’ve a new spot that’s right in the gully on Bow lane. We played in the mud (and a river ran thru our tent!) every single time it rained and for a day or so after… Mud. Enough rain to make lots of mud. And, it usually doesn’t rain that much at war – this was, in my memory, a banner year for rain.

  2. catfeet1 says:

    Oh, I’d like that! But it’s dreary out. At least it’s all out of the mud!

  3. Na Na says:

    Oh my, it seems we’ve got the same tasks today. It’s raining here today too. Puts a dark mood on cleaning. Too bad we can’t put everything outside and let the rain clean it for us.

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