How to freeze beans.

It’s the bean time of year here!  We delayed our two week working vacation due to sick children, and were rewarded at the farmers market this morning.  $12 for about 15 lbs of beans!  (or about 1/3 of a bushel)  One of our two favorite farmers, the one guy who grows everything for himself, had a LOT of beans and cut us a deal.  Happily, as the yard long noodle beans I was expecting to be our bean supply this year simply did not grow beans, I came home and froze ’em up!

Here’s the blow by blow. 

1)  Wash & trim beans (trimming means to take off the ends, just a tich) – I dump ’em in the sink & run cold water into them until they are all floating.  I then pull out any junk that arrived with them – leaves, grass, etc.


2) Cut beans – I like mine about an inch or slightly less in lenght.

3) Blanch beans – Find a big pot & pre-cook ’em for 3 minutes in a rolling boil

4) Cool beans – I run cold water thru them in the sink – it was pretty self explainatory and I didn’t take a picture.  This step is important because it stops the cooking process and you end up with crunchy beans when you finish cooking.  If you don’t?  Mush…

5) Bag beans – I use zip-loc bags and put up 2 cups into each small bag.  These small bags then went, 3-4 each, into gallon bags, so they don’t freezer burn.  Essentially, they’re double wrapped.

6) Freeze beans – Find a spot in the freezer & walk away until you need ’em! (I like to leave them flat while they’re freezing, so they become more like a sheet of paper to move later).

It’s really simple, and gives you a beautiful product to pull out of the freezer all year long.  Good freezing!  Corn when we get back!


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