The REALLY bad day…

It all started with a diaper.  4 of 4 woke up wet and cranky at around 2 am.  We’d hung the diapers out to dry the night before, so I had to go down to the garage (we’re packing for a camping event) to get the spare disposables.  On my way back up the stairs, I heard something funny, like someone else was downstairs, but, like we all do, I dismissed it as my imagination and went back up stairs.

At the top of the stairs, something hit my arm!!!  I shrieked like a girl.  There was a BAT in the hallway!  And it was divebombing me!!  I ran into the bedroom and closed the door.  Then, I woke my sleeping spouse and made HIM deal with the flying rodent.  He went to the front hall window and opened it up, so Mr. Batty could escape and came back to bed.

About an hour later, the furry devil was now circling in MY ROOM.  I have no idea how the darn thing got in – the doors were closed.  Again, my beleagured spouse got up, removed the screen, but this time, managed to get the flying demon out the window.  Phew.  Game over, go back to sleep and wake up with a better attitude right?

I woke up, a bit slowly due to all the capers of the previous night, and went to work.  About 9 am, my boss comes to sit down in my cubicle (she never does this…) and has a word with my assistant and I.  NHTSA, in all their great glory, has declared a stop work order on the grant that I work under.  I asked if I should go home (I really should have!!!).  I spend the rest of the day trying to get more info on a) what the heck is the problem and b) what can I do to make it go away.  Bubkis.  So,  the hundred million dollar question…Will Ann have a job after 9/30/12?  Who knows!  They’re all saying yes right now, but heck if I believe them.

I left early to go to a car appointment.  The guy, when asked, said the appointment would take an hour.  It took two.  After leaving, I made for the bookstore to get some reading material for the camping trip, but, within view of the bookstore, a woman side swiped my car.  Here’s my damage.Here’s hers.  Yep, that itty bitty little dent.  I’ve got 2 doors that need body work now and a steering system that really likes going left (she bounced me off the curb on the opposite side from the hit).  So very not fair. 

So, thinks I, after the copsy have come and gone, let’s go to the book store as it’s only two blocks down, on the same street, to calm my nerves.  I do.  I drive home, doing 55 on the highway, getting flipped off and honked at the whole way.  Nice way to make me feel better about the steering issues, other drivers, I needed that support.

Anyway, I get home, get a hug & tell my husband about the rotten day I had.  He offers to get me some beer from the store and does!  Then, he and a friend get to work on digging the post holes for our pool fence.  So, in order, these things happened:

Please note that the alcohol content on the beer is 8%, not the normal 5….

Well, they no farther get to the hole before the last one and the auger gets stuck on a rock.  5 minutes of “hey, if you just turn it this way with a wrench” later, and it starts to rain.

Not only does it start to rain, it microbursts.  Kinda like a hailstorm/rainstorm/tornado all mashed together, with very high winds, green sky and driving sideways rain.  It lasted maybe 30 minutes.  Then we hear this huge CRACK!  What on earth happened?  We think to ourselves…  This happened:

In all the crazy wind, one of the neighbor’s pine trees failed structurally.  It came down, hitting our barn and our van.  It hit so hard, that it loosed the metal tie on the 2nd floor of the barn that holds the sides together.  It shattered the new sheathing the previous owners here put on when the replaced the roof as part of the closing settlement.  It came down exactly at the week spot in the roof.  Then, it totaled the van.

Excellent!  What a way to end the day, right?  No, I tell you, going out with a bang is NOT the best way to end your day….

I awoke this morning with a hang over (thanks to that 8% alcohol I told you to remember), tales of another bat in the house, and the need to manage insurance claims…note that it’s a plural claim here, the car, the van and the barn.  The claims adjustor for the barn has come and gone, the car is in the shop with a promise from the other party’s insurance to completely pay for this, and possibly get me a rental car if necessary, and I’m sitting here writing to you all about my woes of the past 48 hours.  Sigh.  Karma can be SUCH a bitch when you hit the bad spots.  On the positive side of things, though, we may get a fix for the barn – it needed a lot of work anyway, and no-one has died or even needed to go to the hospital.  This is my silver lining…(so far!)


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3 Responses to The REALLY bad day…

  1. Na Na says:

    Oh my, and I thought my day had gone all wrong. Hoping things get better for ya soon.

  2. Pat says:

    Ann: After all that, I would be afraid to step out the door! I hope life gets better for you.

  3. Catherine says:

    My yesterday was bad, but yours was much worse. Hope things get better for you pronto

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