Garden, garden, garden – CAT!

I’m happy to report that our kitten Sammy was found, taken to the Humane Society and picked back up by us.  🙂  YAY!  He’s now an indoor boy – he keeps trying to get out but we’re catching his sneaky little self!  We took him and our other kitty to the next cheap chip day the humane society hosted and got them both done so if they ever get out, picked up & dropped off where there’s a chip reader, they can be returned.

In other news, the ongoing battle with Snow on the Mountain, aka Bishops weed, aka Gout weed, aka my evil garden nemisis moves slowly on.  I’ve done several things to see if any of them will work…I’ve mowed a section down, sprayed vinegar on 1/2, and round up on the other.  While this works in the flower only bed, it won’t work in the rest of the garden as I’d *like* to later plant veg in those beds!    And, it seems that the Round Up works better than the vinegar, though only slightly.  The Mexican Marigolds htat I bought because I did some research that suggested that the nemacidal nature of the hormone they exude from the root also worked on this plant…no joy there either.  It is growing up around them!  The only thing that’s working is to mow and then pull….sigh.

On the plus side, where I weeded it out last year and put in strawberries, about 1/2 of my plants have flowered and have a few berries even!

My allium killing ways also seem to have come to an end.  I’ve got leeks, garlic, shallots, onions…you name it, it’s come up!  My brocoli and brussel sprouts are also going gang busters.  Today, I put the last of the potatos in….YAY! 

Our new bushes also arrived.  The grapes, cranberry, blueberry and 1/2 of the honey berry bushes have also grown and leafed out…the other 1/2 seem to have died in vitro before we got them.  But…Millers, the place we got them from, has made good and put us on the re-send list for next year! 

The dwarf cherry trees and plum tree have also bloomed and the cherries…cherried!  We’ve got little green cherries!

The plum tree, though, has some weird growth on it –   I’m pretty sure it’s insect based, but I haven’t had two minutes to rub together to think about getting the cooperative extension or master gardener over to look at the darn thing!

On the not so hot side, though, the peas aren’t coming up.  I keep putting more into the ground, but I think the squirels are eating them…not so hot.  I’ve got 3 plants and I put in peas every inch for about 10-15 feet.  I should have more…  :-/

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