Lotsa new stuff

Two weeks ago, we pulled down the back fence and all the pieces of other falling down fence.  Last weekend, my dad came and installed the chain link around the back side of the property and fixed the bits that were falling down at the front.  We also cut down a couple of trees to make this happen.  The weekend was beautiful…right up until the concrete.  Amid the rain (it always rains when you’re doing this) he poured concrete for the footings and set up a new gate!  Again, my dad just totally rocks the construction thing.

This past weekend, I went to the True Value and purchased, on impulse, 240 seed onions.   I’ve planted them in about 4 sq ft of space.  We’re so totally doing the intensive gardening thing!  In the same bed, I also planted French Breakfast radishes, Spanish black rounds, salsify, purlane and rutabegas!  These beds are ~ 8 x 3. 

My allium growing experince, to date, frankly sucks.  It’s bad.  I plant ’em and they don’t grow bigger or they die.  Last year, I decided to let them over winter.  That mostly worked.  The leeks grew back, almost immediately!  Garlic, shallots & onions are mostly also growing.  I hope that the radish decide to actually fruit this year and not just give us pods!

Moving forward, Mom & I cleaned out the garage, after we moved in, and now that’s (1.5 years later), finally CLEAN!!!

See the beautiful sprouted veg?

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