Life happens

I haven’t posted much since my excitement over the new bushes, now growing someplace sunny and warm. (Since they’re in Western NYS, hopefully a greenhouse!)

That said, life kinda took over again, like it sometimes does.

My husband, he of the blonde, owns and runs a business called Dark Victory Armory, making plastic armor for re-enactors who want to hit each other with sticks. It’s a re-use product, and the cheap entry to the sport of full contact fighting.  If you’d like to read more go to for more.  Anyway, this business is critical to our sustained financial solubility as a household.  We do two events for it every year.  One is called Pennsic and one is called Birka.  We sell lots of armor, belts and other bits.  It eats an entire weekend.  More, now, because of the move; we’re farther away.  So, we hooked up Grandma with babysitting and ran away with the gypsies for a weekend.   We took her baby-ness with us, as she’s still too little and Grandma is not ok with all four kiddos.  So we sold stuff.  That was one weekend.

Last weekend, I had the cyst of bad puns, removed…again.  The cyst of bad puns was originally very small, and hung out on the index toe of my right foot for, oh, a couple of years.  It kept getting stepped on by kids, though, and I finally decided to get it removed, just to let it stop being so painful when stepped on.  That was in November.  As soon as the dr. removed the stitches, it started growing back.  It was per-cyst-ant.  Then, I had to show it to my mom and my cyst-er, who was in-cyst-ant that I put that buggar away because “IEWWW”!!!.  (I did warn you about the punning here, lol…)

So, I finally got it removed again last Friday.  It was 3-4 times bigger than the first one.  I was ok until I got home, but then, because the skin didn’t meet –OMG.  It was the most painful thing I’ve had done, and I’ve given birth to 4 kids, never with an epidural (ok, I had an interthecal with Chloe and that was G.R.E.A.T., but the other were 1) I wanna do it natural! 2) We can’t give you more meds without an anti-nausea med (which I didn’t hear because of the heavy labor) 3) Ahhh…the interthecal, and 4) OMG…she’s here!  (20 minutes from 4 CM to delivery…) I *asked* for the epidural there, but they didn’t have time to get the cart set up, let alone get the dr. to the room, lol….  So anyway, OUCH!!!  This toe thing was PAINFUL!!!  I’m still bruised and I’ve been gimping all over.

I give you the mummy toe –

In the meanwhile, I’ve ordered seeds; some flower seeds this year…I do love Hollyhocks, Morning Glory, Snapdragons and Delphiniums.  I also have fallen in love with the Tomatillo…aka Ground Cherry.  I bought a couple of them and threw them into my guacamole a couple of weeks back instead of the tomato and it turned out to be the absolute BEST guacamole I’ve ever made.

So, I went a *bit* overboard and ordered 3 types, heirloom purple, standard and pineapple.  (at 1.99/seed packet, it’s honestly not so bad)

I’ve also been researching a problem.  We’ve got this weed on our property that’s taken over all the flower beds – Bishops Weed/Gout’s Foot/Ground Elder/Snow on the Mountain.


This is not my picture, I got it here….

Anyway, t’s an underground burrower, and I’ve been researching all over how to eliminate it.  It’s NOT pretty when it does not allow anything else to grow.  I *think* I’ve found a method that does not involve Roundup, as I’d like to grow veg in these beds later on, and that’s going to be changing the PH of the soil – going acid.  It doesn’t seem to like the ground under the evergreens, so I could see this being accurate.  We’re going to try it….hopefully it will kill this pest and not bother my bulbs.

I’m also going to plant Tagetes Minuta, aka Mexican Marigold, which in CA and zone 9 and above is classified as a noxious weed, but, since I’m in 4a, I don’t need to worry, it’ll die off every winter.

To follow up all this talk of flowers, here’s my little flower!

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