Follow up

In my last two posts I talked about Pinterest and buying edible landscape. 

Well, I’ve gone over to Pinterest and signed up there.  I’m also called “Shopping in my Basement” there too, but I can’t quite figure out what the search system is based on – it’s not working so hot for me. 

Second thing – the massive shrub/bush/fruit order…OMG.  I’ve gone to Millers Nurseries  and placed my order.  They had the absolute best prices that I could find, and we are investing in our landscape.  Why should we devote space and care to bushes that don’t give anything back?  So, we’re investing in bushes that do and cutting down the evergreens.  Here’s the detail of the massive order…



25 – [SB107] – Ozark Beauty Strawberries $11.25
3 – [AA409] – Black-Eyed Susan $4.95
3 – [GF117] – Somerset Seedless Grape $10.15
3 – [GF115] – Ontario Grapes $7.35
5 – [OB156] – Highbush Cranberry $9.35
5 – [BF410] – Blue Belle™ Honeyberry $17.75
5 – [BF409] – Berry Blue™ Honeyberry $17.75
3 – [BF312] – Northsky S.H. $9.35
3 – [BF313] – Northcountry S.H. $9.35
1 – [BF311] – Northblue S.H. $9.35
56: Total Items
Subtotal: $368.30

Those last 3 items are super- hardy blueberries.  We had -30 here last year, so we thought that it behoved us to buy things that were a bit hardier than our lowest temp.  We’ve gone Siberian!


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