Fall planting, overwintering, and winter gardening

We’ve been working on the herb garden.  It’s a large chunck of unrealized yard between the fence in the front and the pool.  Last winter, when we moved here, we realized that the kids just weren’t using it and that it was lightly trafficed.  I made it my goal, then, to turn this area into a good sized kitchen herb garden.  It’s possible there will be enought extra herbs to sell some at the farmer’s market.   Unfortuantely, due to the Drainage Disatster of Doom, this area got all dug up and the re-grading necessary didn’t happen until Sept.  So, the herb garden I wanted to put in in May, didn’t actually happen until, well, yesterday.   That’s when the walkway got finished…

On the plus side, I was able to put my alliums into this space – garlic, chives, welsh onion and a number of onions.   I’ve also put in 3 different types of mustard, sorrel, valerian, echinaecha, catnip, lavendars, and some other stuff that I’m not remembering off the top of my head.  I put most of it in this fall, as a lot of it needs to be frozen before it will sprout.  Certainly, I’ve not had luck with onions when I’ve planted them in the spring.  The best growing they’ve done this year has been since the first frost this fall!!  And those were seed onions!   Same goes for the leeks – the shallots died off all together.  I was bummed.  I grew such nice shallots last year and the cleaning lady killed them for me – she put them in a plastic bag and dropped them into a cupboard.  Fast forward 3 months and I find a bag of stinky goo…iew.  Thus endeth the lovely shallots of 2010.    So, this year, unlike other years, I actually labeled what it was that I planted, so next year I’m not struggling and trying to remember “What was that plant?!?!”

Anyway, the other big thing we’ve done is that we’re trying a cold house.  This is a dual insulated way of growing cold hardy crops all year round.  We’re following the premise set down by Elliot Coleman in his book “the Winter Harvest Handbook”.  So, we’ve purchased a small greenhouse.  My poor husband has spent a number of nights and weekends putting it together for me.  That was his part of the job.  Mine is making things grow.  The second layer is going to be a doubled 6 mil plastic on hoops.  You would not believe that no-one, hardware stores, building supply stores, Tractor Supply,  etc here, sells heavy gage wire that they cut for you.  So I’m not going to tell you that.  I’m just going to say, that when you see the droopy covers, it’s not yet finished…we need a couple or 4 more hoops.  I was able to get started, but it’s not yet done.  I’ll buy some more this week.  It’ll be perkier next week, and we were able to get the seeds in the ground yesterday.  Hopefully, we’ll have lettuces in Dec., January & Febuary.

Other big and cool things…Gratuitous Child Joy Structure.  I won this last January…they finally were able to put it up after the DDD (Drainage Disaster of Doom).

And a well.  We discovered this when the deck was torn up during the DDD…it was just sitting there!  We’re going to brick wall around it next year and cap it with a hand pump.  It’s going to be fun! 


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