Despite having had Chris, the plow guy, come to the new house and tear up the back lawn with the tractor for the garden, the grass has re-grown.  My best beloved, aka my husband,  today took the tiller to the small engine repair guy up the street (I LOVE living where we have small businesses who, besides doing a DANG good job, give good advice on how to do things cheaply) and got it fixed.  Then, he re-rototilled the half of the garden that needed it.  I’ve sown about 1/2 of the garden at this point, cruciferous veg, alliums and salad greens.  We’ve also put in 4 pots of edibile flowers and salad greens on the deck.

It’s memorial day this weekend, which means planting day here in zone 4, even though I’ve had all of my tender starts out overnight for more than a week now, I could bring them back into the house if there was a problem.  Now I know there won’t be more frost or, god forbid, more snow!  All of the tomatoes and peppers and squashes will get planted this week.  YAY for fresh veg!

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